Using The New Event Resources Website As a Tool


Our brand new website has a few features that we’d like to brag about!


First and foremost, we now have an improved, responsive design that works well on any device.  It will sure make viewing on your phone and other handheld devices much easier and more user-friendly.  Your welcome, and yes we know this was overdue.

Second, we have an increased social media presence, utilizing the usual Facebook and Twitter of course, but also adding our Youtube channel , Spotify playlist, and our new WordPress blog (and if you’re reading this you obviously found it…).  We plan to update these items more regularly and allow you to connect with us in multiple ways.  We want you to feel up to speed on the latest artist and industry news, be able to sample new music we’re into, and have access to our previous newsletters that you may have accidentally deleted (say it isn’t true!).  So like us, follow us, stalk us, and just plain enjoy us as much as you can via social media.  We’ll try to keep the cat videos to a minimum and the artist news to a maximum.

Last, but not least, there is our enhanced artist search capabilities.  This is likely the part of our new website that we are most proud of, and we know you will want to use it as a tool.  Many of our clients (both new and old) use our website as a resource for gathering artist pricing and information, forming lists for your committees to browse through, etc.  We love that and want it to continue, and have added a few bonus features.  We have two new categories, which are “currently routed artists” and “staff hot picks.” 

Currently routed artists are artists that we know are routing a full tour.  That doesn’t mean the artists not on this list are unavailable – it just means they are more likely taking one-offs or small mini-routes rather than gathering a full on tour.  What is the benefit of knowing who is currently routing?  Artists that are routing full tours are more likely to accept lower offers if you can fit into their routing geographically, so date flexibility is key.  They can also save you money because they often carry some production or at least backline equipment with them.  This saves you money on production and could allow you to afford an artist that you otherwise could not.  They also often have their own means of travel.  One expense that may go up with booking a currently routing artist is catering as they often have more people on the road with them.

As for “staff hot picks,” these are artists that we are personally most excited about, our clients are asking about the most, are a special bargain price, or have some other exciting reason for us to label them as such.  If you really want to know – ask us why we picked each one and we’ll tell you.

The other new enhanced artist search feature is that we offer the ability to form an “artist wishlist.”  As you browse our huge list of artists, feel free to periodically add artists to your wishlist so that you have an easy way of tracking your favorite artists.  Once you have formed a wishlist, you can add or subtract any artists you want, and then create a pdf of the wishlist to email to your committees, or send us a copy of it.  What will we do with the list once we receive it?  Probably make fun of some of your favorites amongst ourselves, and then email you to make fun of your favorites directly.  (COMPLETELY KIDDING.)  In reality we will take that list, and send you an email detailing more information about those artists, verify pricing, and reply to any other requests for information you may have put in your message.  For example, if you have a wishlist of artists and you specifically need one of them to perform on October 11th, we can then check that date for all of those artists and let you know which of your wishlist artists are available for your date.

Some of you are used to emailing us all your questions, artist lists, etc, and we have no problem with that.  The additional website tools are to add to your experience, not take away from it.  If you prefer to email or call us directly, then that’s the way to go.  We also want your continued feedback on everything new we are providing.  If you hate any features, we want to know!  If you are having a hard time using our new website, tell us!  We want your feedback so we can continue to improve both our website and the services we provide.

So enjoy the new website, explore, and let us know what you think!

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