Highlights from 2015


As the holidays approach, and we reflect on the past year, we are so thankful.  We are thankful for all of the amazing clients we worked with, spectacular artists we presented, and the continued opportunity to serve, educate, and entertain our clients. We started off 2015 laughing, with a few Bo Burnham shows as well [Read More…]

Tickets Sell Tickets


This fall several of our clients hosted shows that did not sell as many tickets as anticipated.  At the same time, several other shows did in fact sell well.  It is pretty typical to have a mix.  But, what did the shows that sold well have in common?  The key is in the on sale. [Read More…]

When to Start Booking Your Spring Campus Concert


It’s almost the end of October.  (How did THAT happen?!)  College students have finally settled into their campus lives.  To many, it still feels like the beginning of the school year.  It seems WAY too early to be thinking about events taking place in March and April, right?  Not in the concert business! One of [Read More…]

How We Can Save You Money Planning Your Next Event


How Your Middle Buyer Saves You Money We as Middle Buyers occasionally hear, “We are going to book our artist direct in order to save money.”  Meaning, they don’t want to pay the 10% fee that Middle Buyers charge on top of the artist fee.  But what programmers often don’t realize is just how much [Read More…]

Glossary of Entertainment Terms


As you dive into the world of entertainment, you may hear some terms that you are not familiar with, or are only vaguely familiar with.  Here are a few definitions that can help you better understand and conduct business in entertainment. Artist – performer of any kind.  (Sometimes referred to as “Producer” in entertainment contracts.) [Read More…]

Starting the Year Off on the Right Note


It’s fall.  It’s officially September, and the time for “Welcome Back” events is upon us.  This could be Welcome Back to School, Welcome Back to our theater/programming series, Welcome Back to those that disappear to the back woods, Europe or Florida over the summer and surface again this month.  We hope you enjoyed your summer, [Read More…]

Why We Do What We Do


Occasionally we get asked what keeps us motivated as we sit at our desks and answer emails and phone calls all day every day.  To some the job of a middle buyer may sound exciting because we are dealing in entertainment, but then they realize 95% of our work is done sitting at a desk [Read More…]

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